Southport Sandgrounders
Scooter Club 1983-1993

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The Sandgrounders started from a group of friends who knocked about around Hillside in Southport. This was our local hang out at the time!
All kinds from punks, mods, bikers and hippy's {well this was back in the days when stonehenge used to be a free fezzy}. Lammy was the first to get a scooter in 81 I was the next then Toddy followed .  
The scooter scene was picking up fast in Southport, so we thought the time was right to start up a new club.  At the time there were two other scooter clubs in town The Southport Patriots S.C. and The Avengers S.C.
After a few weeks we came up with a club name,.,. the Originals?  But as some bright spark pointed out it was not very original .
Then one night sat at John's house, still trying to come up with a name, John's mum started to tell us about a scooter club she used to be in called the SANDGROUNDERS  and how the club had died out in the 70's. Perfect now we had a name .
Now we needed a place to meet. Hanging about on the streets just wasnt cool, being moved on by the rozzers every soddin night. Toddy and I then talked the Amateurs (a sports & social club) down West street in the town centre,  into letting us use their bar for our club meetings .  
"1983" and we are now up and run'n as a scooter club, doing scooter rally's and ride out's at the weekend . Every night there was something going on. We just loved to get out and about on our scooters .
If it wasnt round someone's place to watch a vid or one of Chris and Carols legendary party's, then you would find us at Our Lady's on a sunday night twisting the night away  .
At the end of the 80's things started to calm down ! Not as many ride out's, people doing there own thing and we had already lost one good friend . Lammy, myself, Chappy, Ste, Baz, Dave and Toffo all moved over to the bike scene .
We always had people on bikes ride with the club Tim on his old Brits Bally on his RD Pat on his LC and Cammy on his Honda ? this goes back to the hanging about at Hillside days , over the years we made many Biker friends doing egg runs and stuff with the BMF and many Scooter friends going over to other club meets and party's .
But the bond we had for each other as a scooter club never faded  
The Sandgrouders was more than just a club it was a way of life {a family} and will always be in my heart!
July 1993 was the last time the sandgrounders came together as a club {a full turn out } this was the end for the club as things could never be the same again !
Without John there is no sandgrounders as he made the club what it was , with his passion for ride'n and his wicked sense of humour.  John and Kim are loved and deeply missed by us all
"2008" I started putting my scooter back together as a tribute to John and Kim and our club the SOUTHPORT SANDGROUNDERS SCOOTER CLUB.

MickMoto  {S.S.S.C.}